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In 1821, there were only two counties in Florida: Escambia to the west and St. Johns to the east. From these two counties were formed 67 today.

This is a list of 67 counties in the U.S. state of Florida

Alachua CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Alachua County svg
Seat: Gainesville 
Established: 1824  
Origin: Formed from Duval and St. Johns Counties 
Etyomlogy: From a native word for the watering holes in the area 
Population: 217955 
Area: 874 square miles

Baker CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Baker County svg
Seat: Macclenny 
Established: 1861  
Origin: Formed from Bradford County 
Etymology: James McNair Baker 
Population: 22259 
Area: 585 Square miles

Bay CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Bay County svg
Seat: Panama City 
Established: 1913  
Origin: Formed from Calhoun and Washington Counties 
Etyomology: St. Andrew's Bay, the central geographic feature of the county 
Population: 148,217 
Area: 764 Square miles

Bradford CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Bradford County svg
Seat: Starke 
Established: 1858 
Origin: Formed from Columbia County (but called New River County until 1861) 
Etymology: Capt. Richard Bradford 
Population: 26088 
Area: 293 Square miles

Brevard County Edit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Brevard County svg
Seat: Titusville 
Established: 1844  
Origin: Formed from Orange County (but called St. Lucia County until 1855)   
Etymology: Thomas Washington Brevard, former state comptroller 
Population: 476,230 
Area: 1,018 Square miles

Broward CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Broward County svg
Seat: Fort Lauderdale
Established: 1915 
Origin: Formed from Dade and Palm Beach Counties 
Etymology: Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, former governor of Florida 
Population: 1,623,018 
Area: 1,209

Calhoun CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Calhoun County svg
Seat: Blountstown 
Established: 1838  
Origin: Formed from Franklin, Jackson, and Washington Counties  
Etymology: John C. Calhoun 
Population: 13,017 
Area: 567

Charlotte CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Charlotte County svg
Seat: Punta Gorda 
Established: 1921  
Origin: Formed from DeSoto County 
Etymology: Queen Charlotte Sophia, wife of King George III 
Population: 141,627 
Area: 694

Citrus CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Citrus County svg
Seat: Inverness 
Established: 1887  
Origin: Formed from Hernando County 
Etymology: The county's citrus trees 
Population: 118,085 
Area: 584

Clay CountyEdit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Clay County svg
Seat: Green Cove Springs 
Established: 1858  
Origin: Formed from Duval County 
Etyomology: Henry Clay 
Population: 140,814 
Area: 601 Squares miles

Collier CountyEdit

Seat: Naples 
Established: 1923 
Origin: Formed from Lee County 
Etymology: Advertising mogul Barron Collier  
Population: 251,377 
Area: 2026 Square miles

Columbia CountyEdit

Seat= Lake City 
Established: 1832  
Origins: Formed from Alachua County 
Etymology: Christopher Columbus
Population: 56,513 
Area: 797 Square miles

DeSoto CountyEdit

Seat: Arcadia 
Established: 1887
Origin: Formed from Manatee County 
Etymology: Hernando de Soto 
Population: 32,209 
Area: 637 sq miles

Dixie CountyEdit

Seat: Cross City 
Established: 1921  
Origin: Formed from Lafayette County 
Etymology: Dixie is a common nickname for the Southern United States  
Population: 13,827 
Area: 704 sq miles

Duval CountyEdit

Seat: Jacksonville 
Established: 1822 
Origin: Formed from St. Johns County 
Etymology: William Pope Duval, former territorial governor 
Population: 778,879 
Area: 774

Escambia CountyEdit


Flagler CountyEdit


Franklin CountyEdit


Gadsen CountyEdit


Gilcrest CountyEdit


Glades CountyEdit


Gulf CountyEdit

Seat: Port St. Joe 
Established: 1925  
Origin: Formed from Calhoun County 
Etymology: The Gulf of Mexico 
Population: 13,332 
Area: 565 sq miles

Hamilton CountyEdit


Hardee CountyEdit


Hendry CountyEdit


Hernando CountyEdit


Highlands CountyEdit


Hillsborough CountyEdit


Holmes CountyEdit


Indian River CountyEdit


Jackson CountyEdit

Seat: Marianna 
Established: 1822  
Origin: Formed from Escambia County 
Etymology: Andrew Jackson 
Population: 46,755 
Area: 916 sq miles

Jefferson CountyEdit


Lafayetee CountyEdit


Lake CountyEdit


Lee CountyEdit


Leon CountyEdit


Levy CountyEdit


Liberty CountyEdit


Madison CountyEdit


Manatee CountyEdit


Marion CountyEdit


Martin CountyEdit


Miami-Dade CountyEdit


Monroe CountyEdit


Nassau CountyEdit


Okaloosa CountyEdit


Okeechobee CountyEdit


Orange CountyEdit


Osceola CountyEdit


Palm Beach County Edit

150px-Map of Florida highlighting Palm Beach County svg
Seat: West Palm Beach 
Established: 1909  
Etyomology: The county's two main geographic features
Origin: Formed from Dade County  
Population: 1131184 
Area: 2034 Square miles

Notes: The biggest county in Florida

Pasco CountyEdit


Pinellas CountyEdit


Polk CountyEdit


Putnam CountyEdit


Saint Johns CountyEdit


Saint LucieEdit


Santa Rosa CountyEdit


Sarasota CountyEdit


Seminole CountyEdit


Sumter CountyEdit


Suwanne CountyEdit


Taylor CountyEdit


Union CountyEdit

Seat: Lake Butler, Florida
Established: 1921 
Origin: Formed from Bradford County 
Etymology: A common name for the Northern side in the American Civil War 
Population: 13,442 
Area: 240
notes: Florida smallest county

Volusia CountyEdit

Seat: De Land, Florida 
Established: 1854 
Origin: Formed from Orange County 
Etymology: The port of Volusia, whose etymology is unknown       
Population: 443,343 
Area: 1,106

Wakulla CountyEdit

Seat: Crawfordville, Florida 
Established: 1843  
Origin: Formed from Leon County 
Etymology: The Wakulla River, itself named for a  Spanish corruption of a Timucuan word of unknown origin  
Population: 22,863 
Area: 607 sq miles

Walton CountyEdit

Seat: DeFuniak Springs, Florida 
Established: 1824  
Origin: Formed from Escambia and Jackson Counties  
Etymology: George Walton, first Secretary of Florida Territory 
Population: 40,601 
Area: 1,058}}

Washington CountyEdit

Seat: Chipley 
Established: 1825 
Origin: Formed from Jackson and Walton Counties  
Etymology: George Washington  
Population: 20,973 
Area: 580 sq miles

Former Counties of Florida Edit

  • Benton (1721-1850) — Name changed from Hernando and then back to Hernando.
  • Fayette (1832-1834) — Formed from Jackson and then merged back into Jackson.
  • Mosquito (1824-1845) — Name changed to Orange.
  • New River (1858-1861) — Name changed to Bradford.
  • Saint Lucia (1844-1855) — Name changed to Brevard. Part of Brevard became Saint Lucie in 1917.

References Edit


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