Florida for Kids Channel 55 of on CBS Kids

Children's programing on Florida Edit

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2008-present)

My Friends Tigger & Pooh (2007-present)

PB&J Otter (2004-present)

Olivia (2010-present)

TV programs every sundays on Florida for Kids of on EMT TV of the Stations of on Florida Edit

8:00am Olivia

8:30am Paid Programing

9:00am Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

9:30am Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10:00am PB&J Otter

10:30am My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Cables on EMT TV of on Provers Edit

Comcast (channel 50)

ATT (channel 105)

Direc TV (channel 95)

Dish Network (channel 104)

Antenna (channel 18)

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