2000 Edit



United States House of Representatives
District Incumbent Party First
Results Candidates
Florida 16 Mark Foley Republican 1994 Re-elected Mark Foley (R) 60.2%
Jean Elliott Brown (D) 37.2%
John A. McGuire (Ref) 2.6%
Florida 19 Robert Wexler Democratic 1996 Re-elected Robert Wexler (D) 71.6%
Morris Kent Thompson (R) 28.4%
Florida 22 Clay Shaw Republican 1980 Re-elected Clay Shaw (R) 50.1%
Elaine Bloom (D) 49.9%
Florida 23 Alcee Hastings Democratic 1992 Re-elected Alcee Hastings (D) 76.3%
Bill Lambert (R) 23.7%

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